Jérémy Tarian was 20 when he plunged into the world of glasses. He designed his first collection in 2008 while studying in Berlin. This attempt did not go unnoticed; one of his frames, entitled "Urban", soon received a Silmo d'Or (the equivalent of the Oscar of optics), at Silmo, the international exhibition of glasses in Paris.

Born with the "glasses gene", Jérémy Tarian adopts an intelligent approach to his family name, but his brand vision belongs to him and to him exclusively - not unlike the notion that eyes are the windows to the soul. "Glasses design express who we are, our personality and reflect the way we perceive the world," says Tarian. "No other item of fashion or design has this impact on a person. To me, it's a shame that some people only wear glasses to see better."

Artisanal original crafting accompanied of the latest industry technology is a winning combination of style and success for the Tarian brand. Tarian frames are created in the region of the Jura mountains in France, with a long and distinguished reputation in the production of the highest quality frames. Jérémy Tarian is personally involved in every aspect of the creation and design of frames, carefully supervising each process, taking care of the actual delivery of the frames to optical and fashion boutiques.

Jérémy’s collection of glasses expresses his individual approach to the creation of a frame. Not only each frame expresses originality, function, style and beauty, but also the designs arouse curiosity. The uniqueness of the frame, the interpretation of color, and the beautiful materials create an awareness of the many possible dimensions in optics.

The Tarian brand won fans internationally and is available throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Asia. Now also available in Brazil!













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