Rudy Project: The winning choice

With sunglasses, ski eyewear and helmets, the company based in Treviso has been part of the world's sporting history for 26 years.

Among the leaders in sport eyewear for 26 years, Rudy Project leads a race that knows no boundaries: the continuous pursuit for excellence, not only in the material, but also in design and performance. Because in sports there are strict rules and errors are not tolerated. Only the result matters.

Rudy Project was established mainly because of their sunglasses and eyeglasses, but also for the highest technical level ski goggles and helmets, and is certainly synonymous with good performance. It is a company that understands very well sport, and answers the needs of their athletes to ensure winning solutions. Founded in Treviso, in the Veneto region of Italy, in 1985, Rudy Project is a leader around the world in products made in Italy and with its second generation of entrepreneurs, Cristiano and Simone Barbazza, confirmed its international success.

Founded with the goal of improving the performance of athletes around the world, Rudy Project has had great success in its constant investments in the development of new materials and technologies for lenses and frames, with a special vocation for total quality performance. Love for progress, passion for style and attention to quality have given rise to a unique collection of technologically advanced sports accessories. "Technically Cool" is the term of the business, two words that best expresses the DNA of each product brand Rudy Project used for over 10 thousand professional athletes in all sports, worldwide.

Maya Suf™
Any color, any time, any prescription, any sport: the Maya Suf glasses collection is designed for sport, but is also ideal for any other occasions. Robust and extremely light, the Maya Suf glasses are also characterized by their comfort and perfect fit, provided by a Grilamid frame, the KYNETIUM rods, adjustable ends 360º and the ergonomic Ergo IV bridge. Available in 15 different frame colors 10 and lens shapes.

Rudy Project brought its entire sports experience for Indyo™ prescription glasses, equipped with the most advanced technical solutions. The Grilamid™ frame is extremely flexible and resistant to stress. To keep the weight down to record-breaking levels, the rods are carved in Kynetium™, a revolutionary aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry. The adjustable ergonomic tips of stems coated with soft anti-slip rubber, predict a comfortable fit all day. The adjustable nose pads are also ultra-light and ergonomic. Available in 15 different frame sizes, and six shapes lenses.

RX Optical Direct

This collection offers six models that rely on technology and advanced materials, these glasses stand out due to their ultra-light frame made with Grilamid technology. The open structure to provide the best air flow also comes with adjustable rods 360 and ergonomic platelets Ergo IV, which ensure the best possible fit and maximum comfort. In order to cope with all weather conditions, lenses are interchangeable (Quick Change™ rapidly interchangeable lenses), with 15 different types of filters to choose. The models are: Agon™, ProFlow™, Rydon™, Magster™, Noyz™ and Stratofly™.

Exception Flip Up™
The collection incorporates all the key technologies Rudy Project in a model with stylish design. The technically ergonomic model is based on 8 sports design and revolutionary flip up technology. It includes the option of adding RX ability using our patented inserts. Polycarbonate lenses can be placed directly on the frame or ingeniously added to the retractable mechanism that connects the structure.

Perception Flip Up™

It offers an integrated vision correction at sporting eyewear. Possibility of rapid inclusion of different lenses allows you to see clearly when light condition changes radically. The geometric design, adjustable system of rods and platelets, in addition to the lightweight material offer the ultimate custom fit and high performance with no chance of blur and contemporary style.

DNA Carbon ™
Equipped with ultra-light and adjustable rods and platelets. The rods are two-tone, appropriate for an athlete with character, and have non-slip coating Megol® for maximum grip throughout the day. Available in two versions, half rim and rimless, which can be combined with three different lens shapes, to further customize the glasses and so you can find the aesthetic that best fits your face. Three possibilities of color combinations: black-red, black-gray and lime green.


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RX Optical Direct


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DNA Carbon - Rimless


DNA Carbon - Half Rim

Rudy Project

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