Babiators sunglasses protect your child's eyes at a critical time – Babiators’ lenses offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Why should we be concerned about protecting our children’s eyes from UV exposure? Children’s sensitive skin needs sunscreen to limit dangerous UV exposure and their eyes need protection too. Here are the facts:

Children spend more time in the sun than adults: scientific research concludes that more than 50% of UV exposure occurs before the age of 18. Therefore it is essential to protect the eyes of our children!

If adults wear sunglasses, our children should do the same!

FASHION - Stylish Aviator sunglasses, designed by a fighter pilot for young hipsters. Celebrities fans are: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner, Hillary Duffff, Mariah Carey, among others.

DURABLE - Flexible rubber frames nearly impossible to break, even after the inevitable bending, twisting, and chewing of enthusiastic tots.

SAFE - Babiators lenses provide 100% UV protection. Featured as safe and fashionable on "The Ellen Show".


Babiators Original - 0 a 3 anos

Vermelho Rockstar - 003


Babiators Original - 3 a 7 anos

Preto Fosco - 005


Babiators Polarizado - 0 a 3 anos

Verde Camuflado - 027


Babiators Polarizado - 3 a 7 anos

Preto & Zebra - 033


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